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3 Authentic Business Strategies

As a Christian Business Professional, you have the unique responsibility to show up in your business as whole, holy, and authentic. That happens when you understand how God has equipped you to fulfill His call on your life through your business. And, He has given you examples from the Bible to guide and teach you along your Faith & Business adventure.

There are many principles that will grow your business and grow your faith as you serve others in the Marketplace. Here are a three from what I call the Business Babes of the Bible. Let’s explore. . .

  • Lydia- You have unique influence in the Marketplace

You are unique and so was Lydia. She was a woman with her own style!  Flamboyant, friendly and successful.  She knew her customers and their tastes. Lydia was the fashion mogul of her town and I am sure she dressed the part.

I love that we never see her apologize for doing well in business and having wealth. She owns a home, has her own servants and makes all the decisions for her household.  She is the whole package.  And, she loves God! (Acts 16:15) She is a woman just like you, merging her two worlds by staying culturally relevant as she stays positioned to share her faith.

Lydia’s faith was expressed in her individuality and your faith needs to be expressed in your personality and distinctiveness too.  That’s what makes it authentic. Open your heart, give your resources, and keep your style. It is your unique influence in the Marketplace that God will use.

  • Priscilla- Build Relationships that matter to you

Strong-minded, enthusiastic in her love for God and Jesus, loyal to her husband and a mover and a shaker, this was Priscilla.  They were a power couple in business and in the early church.  Imagine Paul’s surprise to meet followers of Jesus in Corinth. A commercial city with two waterfronts, known for its rough characters and loose morals.

Priscilla and Aquila worked in leather, making tents and other goods.  Upon meeting Paul, Priscilla invited him to stay with them because they had the same profession! Working day in and day out together, created and deepened their friendships.

Priscilla and Aquila traveled with Paul and became the leaders for the church in several places. She was a mentor and friend to many other leaders as well. They built friendships that were deep, meaningful and lasted a lifetime. Working together for a common goal will do that for a group of people. Priscilla may have met Paul as a follower of Jesus but she became a true disciple and leader through building relationships.

Your business can support your ministry work in the same way as Priscilla’s. You don’t need to be selling Christian merchandise or have a Christian coaching business to show up in the Marketplace as a believer in Jesus. God called you to the business that is perfect for you. Develop relationships with other believers for support; reach out to others and share Jesus.

  • Martha- Give God glory with your Business

When we first meet Martha she has Jesus in her living room and she is worried about being the perfect hostess. Instead of being present and mindful in the moment she had been given and connecting with Jesus, she was trying to earn her way into Jesus’ heart (through His stomach). By ‘doing’ things for Him, she did not realize her work was cutting her off from the one relationship she wanted most.

But she learned by being in relationship with Jesus and she changed from the inside out. Her personality was still bold; she still organized events and ran her household. But, by being touched by Jesus she was given a new way of looking at her work.

Is there a difference between the sacred and the secular?  Martha shows us there is not.  As she led her household she had many responsibilities.  She was never asked to give that up as she followed Christ.  Her work served the kingdom and was God-given.  It was necessary work to fulfill God’s plan for her and to bring Him glory.  Jesus wanted Martha’s heart but never told her to separate her work-life from her faith-life.  He wanted her work to have purpose and meaning.  He wants that for you too.

Each day as we plan our activities we must focus on three things: Required, Return, Reward.  What is required of me today, what activities give me a return on my investment (not always financial), and what is the reward for being involved in what I am doing. Seeing the activities of your entire life, specifically your work, as a way to give God glory is the starting point.

These three simple principles are just the beginning of the adventure. God has so much more for you to learn and experience. He wants you to know how He has equipped you to fulfill your calling. There are many Business Babe examples and each has an important principle to teach.

How are you showing up in your Business? Do you know He has a perfect plan for you? Are you ready to move forward in your Marketplace calling?

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Be filled to overflowing,



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