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Deneen Troupe-Buitrago
Speaker - Teacher - Mentor

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Hello, I am Deneen, M.Ed.

Teacher, writer, speaker and committed believer in Jesus living in her Sweet Spot. I am devoted to living out His calling and to help you find your Sweet Spot.

How God brought me here?

After listening to Christian Women Entrepreneurs and Business Owners for years I felt compelled to relieve them from their guilt. The Personalized Faith Program is designed to equip you to fill up on God first so you align with Him. Knowing what He requires of you is the first step to freedom.

As a teacher, individualized learning was my passion. I turned my teaching profession into a business over 20 years ago so I understand the challenges Christian Women come up against trying to ‘do it all’.  You feel burned out, unbalanced, and dare I say, in need of an attitude adjustment.


I believe you can thrive in your Marketplace and

that God has called you there for a specific purpose

My Bible knowledge comes from Graduating from a Christian College, teaching both children and adult Bible classes, over 10 years of Mission Work, and personal growth through inductive Bible Study. I have an enormous love for God but my TOTAL dependence on Him happened 15 years ago with the diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis.

God got my attention and brought me out of my own restlessness with the Christian Faith to the place I am now pouring into the hearts, lives, and businesses of Women like you so you Grow.


Let’s start our relationship with the FREE download of Connect to God’s Super-abundance in Your Own Way


I want you to know you can have freedom from your guilt and live in your Business Vision and God’s Calling for your life.

You can have complete clarity that you are living in your Sweet Spot.








Working with you has been such a blessing. I was so frustrated and discouraged because regardless of how hard I tried, I continued to struggle to find the right study or the right method of study for me. Once I completed my personalized faith plan, I was excited to learn the many ways I could approach my time of study, prayer and worship that not only honor God but also honor how I am wired.

Lethia Owens, President/CEO, Lethia Owens International, Inc.

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