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Building YOUR Reputation

Building Takes Time

Statistics say it takes ten years of focused study to become an expert in any field and building a reputation can take just as long. That is not meant to discourage you, it is meant to encourage you to keep going. God only requires that we take the next step, trust Him, and do what is in front of us.

Huldah has spent her entire life in the pursuit of knowledge.  She loves learning and God has rewarded her by giving her the gift of discernment.  Huldah is not famous but she is known.  During her time in Jewish history (2 Kings 22:8-20) the temple is destroyed and the Jews are worshipping other gods.  Her sphere of influence is very limited because of this disarray. Life is full of turmoil for the Jewish nation and there is no stability.

Building Takes Behavior

Our own world today is the same.  Everyone is doing their own thing and there is no moral authority.  We can feel like it doesn’t matter what we do or how we act; that no one is paying attention.  But someone is always watching our behavior, our reactions to situations, and how we respond to others.  Huldah was being watched and so are you.

Huldah’s husband has the position in the royal court as the keeper of the royal wardrobe.  This gives him and Huldah daily access to the King and Queen. They are known instructors and confidants to the royal family. I imagine Huldah helping the Queen with her outfits each day; using her time wisely, as an insider, to give counsel while she is assisting.

Jewish literature says that Queen Jedidah was a godly woman because when King Josiah takes the throne at the age of eight he has been influenced greatly by his mother.  As the Queen’s ‘dresser’ Huldah also has opportunities to share knowledge and teach not only the Queen but the young prince.

Building Takes Opportunity

Huldah’s day comes eighteen years after Josiah has become king.  He is still under 30 and Huldah is much older and wiser.  Since he was sixteen, Josiah has implemented many spiritual practices that had been lost to the nation of Israel.  This has given Huldah many opportunities to teach and guide eager students in this new-found enthusiasm for God. Her reputation has grown as more and more Jews are returning to follow the Law.

When a lost scroll (a piece of original manuscript) is discovered during the restoration project of the temple in Jerusalem, it is delivered to the king. It is not good news; in fact, it speaks of destruction because God is angry with his people. The priests go to Huldah for counsel.

Huldah first authenticates the scroll.  Her years of study and experience have taught her to recognize God’s Word. She is clear in the work she is being called to do. She does not try to make herself look more important but works at the job she is asked to do.

Building Takes Commitment

Too often we choose to do the work we want to do instead of the work that is in front of us. We must earn respect, and a good reputation, by doing the job given to us; only then, can we move up.

There is no fast lane in building a good reputation. It is in the choices you make every day, the things you do that go beyond the expectations of your customers, clients, colleagues and co-workers that builds the reputation you want and the one God wants for you.

What are three attributes you can incorporate into your daily routine that will grow your reputation as an expert? Integrity? Loyalty? Intelligence? Stability? Honesty? Reliability? Sincerity? I would LOVE to know your words. 🙂

Be filled to overflowing,


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8 Responses to Building YOUR Reputation

  1. This statement stuck out to me: ” But someone is always watching our behavior, our reactions to situations, and how we respond to others.” This is SO true. We sometimes go about our lives as if there are no eyes on us. But we never know who’s watching — that can be good or bad. To that end, my three words would be humility, gratitude and reliability.

  2. Time, it takes time. We have so much of “an overnight sensation” going on. Get rich quick society we live in. I personally think we need people to care about their lives to serve others in their jobs instead of giving 60% and wanting 100% pay.

  3. It’s difficult to remain patient in a high-tech world where much knowledge and experience becomes obsolete with the next version or “disruption.” Keeping up can be hard, which is why a niche is so important. Is there success in a Jack of All Trade nowadays?

    • I agree, there is a lot of noise out there. Your niche is watching you and that is why building your reputation is so important. 🙂

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