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Choose Your Adventure

Do you remember the Choose Your Own Adventure books? Those stories were exciting to read. The story was always full of suspense and the adventure intriguing. At the bottom of a certain page there would be a choice to make.  AND, those choices never seemed to be exactly what you would do. What to do next . . .

For me it was always a dilemma to make those types of choices. I wanted to choose the best adventure. Should I flip to the next page or go deeper into the book? Which would be better? Did it matter? The beauty of these books was that you could read them again and again and never have the same thing happen.

Your Christian life can be the same type of adventure. Just like those books, your choices have direct influence on how the adventure goes. Maybe you feel there are too many choices? Serving God can mean showing up for a volunteer opportunity at church. Learning about God by joining a Bible Study. Or, for more adventure, going on an overseas mission trip. What choices have you made that are making this Christian adventure exciting? Is it working for you?

God has so much more. He has created an adventure specifically for you and wants you to choose to be on the ride. The adventure is daily and runs through your entire life, not just at times when you are with ‘God’s people’ learning and serving. God’s plan includes your uniqueness shining in the world.

1 Corinthians 12:12 says that we are all part of the same body. Your function is different from everyone else’s. Your adventure is exclusive to you. AND, you get to complete the picture God has for His Church, His people, by choosing to live it.

How? By inviting God into every day.

Recently, I led a group in the study of Spiritual Gifts and how they can be applied to the workplace. Each woman in the study is a business owner and each desires to live out her own Christian life adventure. This study revealed their top Spiritual Gifts and we discussed how each was or could be applied daily through their work.

Spiritual Gifts are given when we need them. They are meant to edify the group. They can reflect natural abilities but are often surprises on the adventure. Recognizing them can be a challenge; allowing God to use them is your choice.  I wanted to see the diversity of our group and how we complemented one another.

One woman has the Faith gift. She did not know how that fit into her adventure. Faith is defined as belief that God will do things that are impossible for us apart from His intervention. She had been dealing with cancer that had reoccurred. Her attitude has always remained positive. Those in her office see her as calm, steady, and assured that everything will work out. She hadn’t seen that her Faith was sticking out all over the place as she trusted God for the results of treatment.

Another woman has the Pastoring gift. She laughed when this result came to light. At first she felt that she could not possibly have a gift she thought was reserved for Pastors. But the definition for Pastoring is caring consistently for the personal needs of others through personalized counseling and coaching. While she is not a coach, she is a listener. God has given her many opportunities to pour into other’s lives. She is a magnet for those hurting and in need of comfort.

Each has her own adventure. Within our small group we have Administration, Teaching, Connecting, and Hospitality gifts. Each woman contributes to our group in her unique way. Each gives a perspective that brings richness to our group and fulfills the needs of someone else.

You have an adventure too. Your GIFTS are for you to share. Choosing to serve God and others through your gifts brings an awareness of God to the world. You SHINE for Him.

The Christian life is an adventure. It is a daily commitment to see your world through God’s eyes. Ask Him to help you choose the right next step. God is surprising and He will sometimes give you a choice that seems different than anything you would choose. That’s when He says, “Do you trust me with your adventure?”

Your story continues. You may not be able to go back and make a different choice in the adventure, but you can move forward in your story and make choices that create the Christian adventure God has for YOU. You are right where you need to be. Ride the adventure in His strength by connecting to Him. Your choices will be easy.


Be filled to overflowing,


P.S. Your Personalized Faith Plan is waiting for you. Find your uniqueness and make your adventure count for God.


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Working with you has been such a blessing. I was so frustrated and discouraged because regardless of how hard I tried, I continued to struggle to find the right study or the right method of study for me. Once I completed my personalized faith plan, I was excited to learn the many ways I could approach my time of study, prayer and worship that not only honor God but also honor how I am wired.

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