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God’s in your Business

We have been talking about principles for your business for the last few weeks. There are many examples of business women in the Bible who can show you how to show up in your business. But today I want to turn it around and show you how God showed up for two of them in their faith and business adventure. He will do the same for you.

Huldah- Working in obscurity

Have you ever heard of Huldah? She spent her entire life in the pursuit of knowledge.  She loved learning and God rewarded her by giving her the gift of discernment.  Huldah was not famous but she was known.  During her time in Jewish history (2 Kings 22:8-20) the temple was destroyed and the Jews were worshipping other gods.  Her sphere of influence was very limited because of this disarray. Life was full of turmoil for the Jewish nation and there is no stability.

Our own world today is the same.  Everyone is doing their own thing and there is no moral authority.  We can feel like it doesn’t matter what we do or how we act; that no one is paying attention, no one is watching.  But someone is always watching. They are looking at your behavior, your reactions to situations, and how you respond to others.

Keep working, keep moving in the direction God has for you because in the right moment the doors will open and you will fulfill the exact calling He has for you. It happened to Huldah eighteen years after Josiah became king. He called on Huldah to verify a scroll found during the restoration of the temple.

Her reputation proceeded her. Someone had been watching. Huldah first authenticated the scroll.  Her years of study and experience had taught her to recognize God’s Word. She was clear in the work she was being called to do. She didn’t try to make herself look more important but worked at the job she was asked to do.

Too often we choose to do the work we want to do instead of the work that is in front of us. We must continue to build a good reputation, by doing the job given to us; only then, can we move up and be used of God in a big way.

There is no fast lane in building a reputation even when you feel no one knows. It is in the choices you make every day, the things you do that go beyond the expectations of your customers, clients, colleagues and co-workers that builds your reputation and brings you out of obscurity to what God intended for you.

Keep doing what is right and moving forward. God honors that at the right time. He did it for Huldah. She is credited as being the catalyst for revival in the Jewish nation.

The Widow in Debt- Giving all to God

Do you remember this woman and her two sons? She owed her creditors and they were about to take her sons as slaves when she reached out to her spiritual leader, Elisha.

She reached out to him either because she blamed him for her predicament or because she expected him to give her a miracle. Either way, she was in front of Elisha asking for his assistance. She was bold in her request and told it straight forward in a way this prophet respected.

His response was quick and simple. He asked, ‘How can I help and what do you have in your house?’ (2 Kings 4:2) In Hebrew, the word for widow literally means, empty house.  How ironic that Elisha asked her that question.  Her immediate response was, ‘I have nothing’. I can almost hear the irritation in her voice. Then, in the same breath, she said, ‘Well, I have a little oil’.

You might feel empty, but I bet you have a little oil.

God wants you to trust Him with the little things. He builds your faith on what you hold out to Him. You may feel you have nothing to offer, but you do. Think about those tasks that come easily to you. In your business, you shine in one area and it gives you joy. Give it to God for His use.

Elisha’s response was not to give her a hand out, it was to give her a means of helping herself. She may have been expecting him to just give her a miracle but God had another way to heal her heart. Healing for her came from acting. There was no pity from the prophet about her predicament. He gave her a plan.

There is a saying that the more you give the more you get. I think a truer saying is, the more you give God the more He can bless it. It is in our obedience to Him in the little things that we can be given larger responsibilities. God wants it all.

She gave what she had and God multiplied it. If you know the story, then you know her ‘little oil’ flowed until she had enough to pay the debt and live on the rest of her earnings. God blessed all she gave.


God allows each of us to go through times when we feel our business is more of a burden than a blessing. But, He gave you a vision to do it so you continue. Remember, there are many lessons along the way to success. God’s plan for you is to be more like His Son. If you never make a dime or build a following that is okay. Your success may look different than anyone else’s, but in God’s eyes you are exactly where you need to be.

Be filled to overflowing,



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