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Lessons Learned

I closed the GFYO Business and Educational Center in November of last year. It was an 18-month lesson in trusting God. When I began, I knew for certain it was what God wanted for me. I had been meeting with my Women’s Networking Group in different locations for a while and felt His leading to have my own space.  But it failed.

I took the month of December to look at what God was asking of me now. I came through the month with these few take-a-ways. Thought you might like me to share.

What does God want from me?

First, God wants me to depend on Him. One thing He continually puts into my thoughts is, “Am I enough?”. My success means nothing unless I am in relationship with Him. I talk about this vertical relationship all the time. Connecting Faith and Business begins with Faith.

The next thing God wants from me is to transform me into the image of His Son. He teaches me through His Word, prayer, worship and more. I love spending time with Him on my Quiet Retreats and meeting with my CEO each day. If nothing else happens in my life, I trust God enough to be okay in this space.

BUT, He does call me to more. He calls me to fellowship with other believers. In real fellowship we experience authenticity, give & take, sympathy, and mercy. I love that God has given me the women in the GFYO Network Group to bring encouragement, support and learning into my life.  We share our business challenges, study God’s Word together, serve our community, and suffer together as we pray for one another. They fill up my life and make me stronger.

Lastly, I know that only by serving God in the way He has created me can I live out His purpose for me. I am taking one step at a time and trusting God for the rest. I know taking the step to open the Business and Educational Center was the right thing. So was closing it.

God wants the best for me

These outward setbacks can be discouraging. I spent most of December just trying to understand what to do next. There was much time alone, an open Bible & journal, and prayer. That’s when an idea formed that has led me through most of this year. I have been writing a book about twelve business women in the Bible.

I have been given a gift. I feel like God is downloading new insights into me about these women and it excites me to write about them so others can learn how to Connect their Faith and Business. The last few months have opened me up to be in deeper relationship with God, learn more about Him, have stronger fellowship with others, and use my gifts, talents, and abilities to do exactly what He has designed me to do.

Exchanging something good for something even better is amazing.

God wants the best for you

What is God asking of you? In what ways are you using your personality, abilities, gifts, talents, etc. to live out the business vision He has given you? What is keeping you from taking the next step to serve God through your business?

Take some time to sit with the Father and evaluate where you are. Pour out those disappointments and setbacks. I did. Listen to what He says to your heart through His Word. The Bible is alive and will speak to you in new ways.

God wants you to be fulfilled in your purpose and He is waiting to unfold it to you. Your responsibility is to take each step as He reveals the next thing He wants you to do. No fear, God is there. No excuses, God is there. No procrastinating, God is there.

If you have doubts, work on knowing God better. There is no way you can have any success in life if you do not know the Father. Allow Him to fill you up and transform you into His image. Then there is room for you to experience true fellowship with others and live out your purpose.

Connecting Faith and Business requires trust. God asks, “Do you trust Me?”. I scream, “YES” and throw myself into the work He has for me because it is what is best for me. He will give you that enthusiasm and passion too.

The Business and Educational Center needed to close so I could focus on the next thing God had for me. I was too distracted to see the next step. God’s lessons may sting but that only gives opportunity to turn to Him and pursue something even better.

Be filled to overflowing,


5 Responses to Lessons Learned

  1. I am not a business owner but I am glad to be part of your network. This, this touched me today! Thank you for following God’s call & lead. He is using you to help others also.

    • Thanks Velma! I believe truth is truth no matter where God has you. Because most of us are in the workplace, we all need to know the we have a purpose in being where God has us. Discover that purpose and life has significance. 🙂

  2. Me too!!
    There is much time alone, an open Bible & journal, with worship & prayer. And the discovery of His Glory & Mercy overwhelms me on this journey. As a top level position in my company I have freedom to carve out this time to build our relationship & walk in the healing ministry we are ALL called to. Building a Relationship used to be elusive. Now it’s like water to my soul. “It is the glory of God to conceal a matter; to search out a matter is the glory of kings.”‭‭Proverbs‬ ‭25:2‬
    Grace and peace to you through the Lord Jesus Christ

  3. So, if you obeyed God in opening the center, and then you obeyed him in closing it, how is that a “fail”? 🙂 Obedience is always a “win”! I appreciate you and all you do to help others!

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