Expert Networking #1: Knowing What to Say

Your guide to your 60-second, 30-second, and 10-second Networking “Commercial”




This course will take you through 6-steps to create YOUR best Networking ‘Commercial’ that will get you RESULTS. You will be asked to think through strategically and write down KEY POINTS that will make your ‘Commercial’ have a strong IMPACT. You will create a MEMORABLE Networking ‘Elevator’ Speech that will get you not only NOTICED but have others wanting to know MORE about what you do.

This Course includes:

  • 30-minute step-by-step instruction video
  • Downloadable Workbook- 13 pages

At the end of this Course you will have:

  • The tools necessary to create and re-create the 6 parts of your Networking ‘Commercial’
  • A strategic 60-second, 30-second, 10-second Networking ‘Commercial’
  • The confidence to go into any Business Networking Situation and tell about your Business in a way that others will want to know more
  • A clear picture of who your Target Audience is and how to ‘talk’ to them in Networking Situations
  • Understanding about what motivates you and gives you success in your Business
  • Strategies to help you make your Best Impression at Networking Events


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