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Recall Yourself

As I write this I am sitting in the dealership of my local Mazda. I say local but it took me almost an hour to get here. I have had a horrible rattle in my exhaust area, I am in desperate need of an oil change and I have to get something repaired because of a recall. Whew! What a mess.

I have been putting off this appointment for a while. If you know me, you know I am not a person who procrastinates BUT I really hate having to deal with my car issues. I just want things to work and let someone else take care of the details for me. The mechanic asked if I needed a tire rotation and I realized I am so detached from my car maintenance routine that I forgot I had new tires.


I am telling you all my complaints because the way I treat my car is sometimes how I treat God in my faith and business connection. Most days I meet with my CEO to discuss the activities of the day. I pray for those I lead and have time to read His Word and listen to His voice (through my journal). I want God to be in my plans and I strive to cooperate with Him for my success.

Other days I get busy and don’t carve out the time I need to meet with the Boss. I try to run on the leftovers from the reading the day before, the Sunday sermon, or the Bible study from last week. Like the oil in the car, I cannot keep running on the same old fluid. I must Grow so I can Overflow. God promises to renew us when we come to Him. Just like remembering to change the oil in the car at regular intervals, you need to fill up on God’s living water at daily intervals to keep everything running smoothly.

I know my days go better when I have planned my time with God and enjoyed His presence. I also know it is not always easy to let go of everything else that you have to do so you can meet with Him. I challenge you not to keeping putting this appointment off. Change the oil often.


However, maybe you have not yet decided to make God the CEO of your business. Maybe you feel the relationship is broken in some way. You would LOVE to connect your faith and business but you are content to live with the noise of the world just like the rattle I have been living with in the car for the last few months, it’s not so bad.

You may have even had success in your business while following the ‘blueprint’ of the endless business coaches there are to choose from in the market. God is ready to show you HOW you can be unique in your industry. He is ready to propel you forward in ways you can’t even imagine.  BUT, right now, you are content to live with the rattle. Your heart knows there is more to serving your clients and customers. You feel that pull to make a real difference. But the noise is too loud, too distracting.

I have been there. I remember a time when I chased every online coach for her expertise. I wanted to be successful just like each of them. I listened to the noise of their advice. It is not bad to get expert guidance, but it can be full of pit-falls. For me it was the endless comparison of my success to theirs. I got tired of trying to make it work by doing it their way. When I finally pivoted to doing things in my style, with my personality, and with God leading, it all started to change. I found my voice and my brand started to emerge.

That’s exactly where God wants you, dependent on Him for your success. He will lead you in the way that is exactly right for you.  Getting rid of the rattle allowed me to listen to God’s ONE voice.


Where are you right now with your faith and business connection? Are you letting God lead in the way you are showing up?  What needs to be adjusted? Take some time to ‘recall’ yourself. Personally, I use my quarterly Quiet Retreat as a time to re-evaluate and set goals. My car recall is not something that is too serious, but the adjustments are necessary for it to run at peak efficiency. Let God make some adjustments for you so you can show up in your business the way He planned.

You are the only you to ever exist and you have your business, during this time, to complete your purpose. God wants you to run at peak efficiency by filling you up each day, turning your attention to Him, and adjusting your parts until you live the adventure He designed for you.

No one can ‘take care of the details’ for you. You must take yourself in ‘to the shop’ to be fine-tuned and kept running well.


Be filled to overflowing,





2 Responses to Recall Yourself

  1. “When I finally pivoted to doing things in my style, with my personality, and with God leading, it all started to change. I found my voice and my brand started to emerge.”

    Amen Sista!!!!
    Love that.

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