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What being a Christian in the Marketplace is NOT

How many of these roles describe you? A ‘mom’, ‘sister’, ‘daughter’, ‘wife’, ‘housekeeper’, ‘chef’, ‘chauffeur’, ‘board member’, ‘non-profit organizer’, ‘Sunday School teacher’, volunteer, ‘network marketer’, . . . whew, that list is making me lose my breath. AND, are you truly yourself when you show up to each of these roles? Are you being authentically YOU?

Playing a Role

My friend Dana asked me to coffee one day. After we got our green tea lattes and sat for a few minutes catching up she turned, leaned in, and with a serious expression asked me, “How do I show Christ in my daily business and work life?” She went on to explain how she felt disconnected to God throughout her work week and that she never felt she was truly showing up as herself because of it.

I explained that she was not alone. Many women feel like they are fragmented and showing up in situations as if they are playing a role. “Life is not a stage. We are to be who God has created us to be whether in the board room, the PTA meeting, or in our home,” I told her.

The tears welled up in her eyes as she went on to say she felt phony and didn’t know what to do to pull all these things together, to feel whole. She began to give me a list of things she thought she SHOULD DO to show others her faith while at work. She thought that may be the answer. I stopped her.

If you are there thinking, “If only I do… I will be a good example for Jesus at work”, STOP. As I shared with Dana, it is NOT about doing a certain ‘thing’. It is about showing the real YOU in all situations. Integrating all your roles into the unique individual God has created you to be.

The Role is NOT

Starting with the ‘It is NOT’ list will help your mindset the same way it helped Dana. Here we go…

  1. It is NOT about wearing a Cross around your neck or having verses around your office.
  2. It is NOT about praying before meals so you can show you are religious.
  3. It is NOT about inviting someone to church or talking about your church activities.
  4. It is NOT about seeking and hanging out with other Christians in your business circles or work environment.
  5. It is NOT about trying to fit in so much that you end up a secret Christian.

The Role really is

Dana looked at me confused when I gave her this list. You may be confused too. “What do I do then?” she asked. The answer is simple, LOVE. “What does that look like?” she asked.  I smiled, “This…

  1. Carrying your Cross into work each day by looking for ways to show love to others.
  2. Praying without ceasing to have a right attitude toward your coworkers, boss, and business partners.
  3. Inviting those who don’t know Jesus into a deeper relationship with you.
  4. Seeking opportunities to show God’s goodness to others by being truthful and fair.
  5. Trying to set yourself apart so that you attract others who need to experience hope.”

Integrating Your Roles

I went on, “Don’t allow the world to tell you that you must keep Jesus out of certain parts of your life. Integrity, honesty, goodness, fairness, and love all come from God.  You need it in business and you need to let others know where it originates in you.”

A small light went on in Dana’s eyes. “It’s not as hard as I thought,” she exclaimed. Her shoulders relaxed and she sat back in the chair. “Why was I making all these ‘should dos’ for myself?”

We get it into our heads that God has a prescribed list for us to follow. BUT, what He really wants is a relationship. As I told Dana that day at the coffee shop, God wants you to connect with Him first and then everything else will follow. God will help you choose best business practices, He will give you stamina to complete the tasks He has for you, and He will bring opportunities into your marketplace to tell others about Him.

Knowing YOU better is key to doing it well. Understanding how He created you unique unlocks the HOW to live an integrated life. The Calling Clarity Course can give you the tools to see HOW God wants you to show up as the same person in the office, the Sunday School class, and in the car with your kids.

Find out more about the Course by clicking here. The next opening starts in March. God wants you to be whole, holy, and authentic. He wants YOU to be you. Let’s work on figuring this out, together.

Be filled to overflowing,


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