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Serve God More at WORK

So, it’s Monday, time to go to ‘Work’.  How do you feel?  Excited? Depressed? Or do you feel just plain tired?  How do you see your work?  Is it something that pays the bills OR are you passionate about what you do?  How do you think God sees your work?

Your Week to Serve

I want to give you some statistics about your week. You have 168 hours to make the most of it. Here is the breakdown (on average):

40 hours- Work

05 hours- Commute

15 hours- Meal Prep & Eating

06 hours- Domestic Duties

35 hours- Sleep

03 hours- Health (physical, mental)

2.5 hours- Bible Reading

10 hours- Kids (homework, driving, talking, etc.)

If you are a numbers person like me I have broken it down into each day too. 😊

8 working + .5 commuting + 3 eating + 1.5 cleaning + 7 sleeping + .5 exercising + .5 Bible/Prayer + 2 kids = 23 hours! (You have one hour to do whatever you want!)

Are you tired? Do you see this list and think, How can I do it all? That’s where a little planning can go a looooong way to create space for doing MORE to Serve God Daily.

Look at where you spend your most waking hours, WORK. This may be in an office, factory, store, or in your own business. It is the place you are most engaged with multiple people over the course of the day and week. This is EXACTLY the place you can be the most effective for God.

Your Day to Serve

As a Christian Woman in business or in the workplace you can serve God by serving those you have direct contact with each day. He calls you to use your unique personality, strengths, gifts, and abilities to show up as you. He wants to use you in a mighty way right where you spend most of your waking hours.

Let me give you a tool to begin thinking about this. Ask God to show you 5 people in your everyday life that do not know Him. Write down their names and commit to pray for them each day. Even if it a quick prayer when you see them in passing. Next, start to grow your relationship with them inside and outside of the ‘office’. Pour into those relationships until you have the opportunity to share your story about what Jesus has done for you.

There is no pressure here. BUT, this is what we are called to do as believers in Christ (Matthew 28:19,20). It begins with kindness, interest, affection, caring, and love. For me, Priscilla’s story in the Bible shows me how she not only used her relationships with other believers to give her strength but she also gives me an example of how to reach out, mentor, and tell others about Jesus while I am at work.

The plan is not hard. I am not asking you to preach on a soap box, start a Bible Study, or wear a button to proclaim your Faith. I am asking you to SERVE God by thinking differently about your Work. Don’t make the next volunteer activity at church take you away from spending time with your kids or giving up your exercise time. Make your everyday life count for God. Use the 40 hours of ‘marketplace time’ your place to show others the goodness of God.

Is this the first time you have thought about this way of connecting your Faith & Business? Are you shocked that I would suggest not doing something at church? We have been ‘taught’ for so long that in order to do anything for God it must be through the church. I want to shake you up to think differently and get your Faith ACTIVE in your daily ‘work’ life.

Sharon’s Service

I told this story a few months ago and want to repeat it now.

Sharon came to my Christian Women’s network group one month and asked this question. “How can I serve God at my work?” I began to laugh. Why? Because she had just told me this story. . .

“There is a new woman at work and she is having a difficult time adjusting to the culture of the company. Up until this point I have been the only female in the office. I have adapted my style of communicating and functioning to reflect the male dominated atmosphere. I had not realized how flexible I was at being able to adjust my style based on the person in front of me. I have been working with her the last two weeks to coach her through email language, speaking directly, and confidence issues. She has come a long way in being able to deal with what she has called ‘male abruptness’ and has learned to match her style with the person she is speaking with.”

Why did it make me laugh when she asked the question? For me it was clear that she was serving God by being a mentor to this woman. She was sharing her expertise and giving insight to this woman. I reminded her that she does not need to be at church, volunteering at a soup kitchen, or helping the underprivileged to be serving Christ. She was showing kindness, hospitality, love, and concern for someone at work. That is enough.

It really is enough.

Your Plan to Serve

God wants you to be in relationship with HIM first. That vertical relationship needs to be fed and nurtured before anything else.

Start with spending more time with God and reading His Word.

Pray for those He puts in your mind and on your heart.

Show those people how much you care about them through your words and actions.

Then be ready to share your Story about what Jesus has done for you.

THAT’s the Plan. God wants you to have an Impact. He wants you to make Him known to specific people, the people in your marketplace. That’s how you SERVE Him MORE.


Be filled to overflowing,



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4 Responses to Serve God More at WORK

  1. Stating the obvious, perhaps, that most work environments frown upon religious discussions at work. I know people who think this is a personal affront to practicing their faith. Almost as if not talking about their faith publicly may somehow diminish it.

    Your example shows that acts of kindness are a proclamation to your beliefs and are welcomed and inspiring to co-workers of all faiths and backgrounds. Thanks for sharing.

    • Yes, it is not about the overt conversations of faith. It is in showing others that you care about them because of your faith. Let’s face it. Most people are in it for themselves. Showing others they have value is what is important. When I facilitate a workshop I sometimes do this activity. I have everyone put on a name tag that says, “Make me feel important”. Imagine that on each person you interact with during the day. 🙂

  2. I love how you broke down what a day looks like-time. And then changing up the mindset of how to serve God in our daily lives!
    Building the relationships takes no-extra time, especially “at work.”

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