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Serving God at Work

Sharon came to my Christian Women’s network group one month and asked this question. “How can I serve God at my work?” I began to laugh. Why? Because she had just told me this story. . .

“There is a new woman at work and she is having a difficult time adjusting to the culture of the company. Up until this point I have been the only female in the office. I have adapted my style of communicating and functioning to reflect the male dominated atmosphere. I had not realized how flexible I was at being able to adjust my style based on the person in front of me. I have been working with her the last two weeks to coach her through email language, speaking directly, and confidence issues. She has come a long way in being able to deal with what she has called ‘male abruptness’ and has learned to match her style with the person she is speaking with.”

Why did it make me laugh when she asked the question? For me it was clear that she was serving God by being a mentor to this woman. She was sharing her expertise and giving insight to this woman. I reminded her that she does not need to be at church, volunteering at a soup kitchen, or helping the underprivileged to be serving Christ. She was showing kindness, hospitality, love, and concern for someone at work. That is enough.

Her shoulders dropped, mouth opened and her eyes lit up when she realized that it was true. She thanked me for helping her realize something very important for her life. “I have been thinking I needed to be in church more, volunteering more and looking for opportunities to serve. It is so difficult for me because I am a wife and mom too. Now I see I have those opportunities every day while I am at work.”

As a Christian Woman in business or in the workplace you can serve God by serving those you have direct contact with each day. He calls you to use your unique personality, strengths, gifts, and abilities to show up as you. He wants to use you in a mighty way right where you spend most of your waking hours.

Have you heard this before . . . ‘you may be the only Jesus that this person ever sees’. My calling is to equip you to see your potential in the Marketplace. God has called you to do a specific job that ONLY you can do. Understanding this unique calling is part of my job.

Let me give you a tool to begin thinking about this. Ask God to show you 5 people in your everyday life that do not know Him. Write down their names and commit to pray for them each day. Even if it a quick prayer when you see them in passing. Next, start to grow your relationship with them inside and outside of the ‘office’. Pour into those relationships until you have the opportunity to share your story about what Jesus has done for you.

There is no pressure here. BUT, this is what we are called to do as believers in Christ (Matthew 28:19,20). It begins with kindness, interest, affection, caring, and love. For me, Priscilla’s story in the Bible shows me how she not only used her relationships with other believers to give her strength but she also gives me an example of how to reach out, mentor, and tell others about Jesus while I am at work.

Do you know how you are uniquely equipped to serve in your calling? Do you have a longing in your heart to do more for God? The Calling Clarity Course is designed for you. This Course will give you the tools to break out of the volunteering mentality and push you toward the opportunities’ mentality.

These are the Outcomes you will receive:

  • Determine 3-6 Spiritual Gifts and how to apply them to business/work
  • Discover 5 Strengths to know how you operate as a leader
  • Connect to your Personality and the way you think
  • Create a decision filter based on your top 5 Values
  • Identify your Expertise in many areas
  • Remember the Talents you may be over-looking and how they work for you
  • Pinpoint Experiences that add value to your uniqueness
  • Personalized Faith Plan to help you grow in Christ

Sharon woke up that day to what God had specifically for her to do through her work. Are you ready to take that next step to discover all that God has for you? He is placing opportunities in front of you to grow and learn so you can then go and do.

Join me for the Calling Clarity Course. Email me for details. This Course is limited and sign-ups are closing this week. There is no obligation to get more information. Send me a message today. J

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