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Your Commission

Have you ever worked ‘on commission’? Sales people know and understand what it takes to ‘get the sale’ and what it takes to make a living through commissions. It is all in the numbers. Plus, it is pushing up not only the number of sales but also the percentage of your commission on each sale.

While I was in Direct Sales this was the ‘game’ I played. Meeting month end quotas so I could make the extra 5% bonus on top of my 25% commission as well as a 10% bonus for my team. In a good month, I was actually bringing home 40% of my sales. Pretty impressive, right? There weren’t as many good months as you might think. 🙂

The definition of commission is: an instruction, command, or duty given to a person or group of people. The use of the word today to mean being paid a portion of the sales is actually an idiom (which is to say, the words do not mean what it is saying, think of the expression ‘raining cats and dogs’).

Are you working ‘on commission’ or are you working your Commission? You could be doing both but only your Commission has eternal value. Jesus’ last words were for his followers were to go and share His message and make disciples (Mark 16, Matthew 28).

This Commission was not given only to those who have vocationally chosen to be pastors, missionaries, church directors, etc. The Great Commission was given for all of us who call ourselves Christians. We each need to be living this out in our day to day. What does that mean for me as an entrepreneur? What does it mean for you as you do your work each day?

I think breaking down the words is always helpful. Go- that means wherever you are you can share Jesus’ message. Since you spend most of your time at your job, doing your work, this is your place to ‘Go’. Message- share your story. What your life was like before you were in relationship with Him, how did He convict your heart enough to begin that relationship and how has it been going since your relationship has grown. Your ‘Message’ is unique to you. Baptizing- once they accept Jesus they identify as believers by being ‘Baptized’. You are the example. Share your experience. Disciple- teaching what God requires of believers. You can do this. You have been given the Commission to make ‘Disciples’ AND you have been given the promise from Jesus that He is with you (Matthew 28:20).

Three Steps:

  • Pray- Ask God to show you the five people in your life who need to know Jesus. Begin to pray for these five people. They could be from your office, your business dealing, networking, etc. Who are the five in your sphere of influence that you see on a frequent basis?
  • Friend- Start a relationship with one or two of these people. It could be a simple lunch invitation, one-on-one meeting, or social event invite. Start to find out about that person’s life and become a true friend over time.
  • Share- Tell your story about being in relationship with Jesus. You may be the only ‘Jesus’ this person ever sees. By building the friendship you have gained the opportunity to share your story. Jesus IS the Good News. You want your friend to know.

Working ‘on commission’ is always about the numbers. Sales statistics tell us that nurtured behaviors lead to more sales: 451% increase in qualified leads and 50% more sales with 33% less cost.  (Scott Tousley, 107 Mind-Blowing Sales Statistics That Will Help You Sell Smarter [SlideShare])

If such a big increase can happen in your sales force with a little nurturing, imagine the impact you can make by building authentic relationships through your work. That is your Commission. Begin today to live it out.

Be filled to overflowing,


P.S. Here are few more stats I want to share: You are 70% more likely to get a Sales Appointment if you are in a LinkedIn group AND Top Sales People spend 6.5 hours a week on LinkedIn. Need a better strategy for using LinkedIn? Click here to sign up for the September 6th LinkedIn Lunch & Learn.



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